Business Litigation and Disputes, Contract Disputes

When a business dispute or breach of contract arises, the ensuing consequences can cost you a great deal of time and money, and cause your business to lose profitability. At the law firm of Richard A. Schurr, P.A., we provide experienced, competent legal representation for our Florida clients regarding business litigation, contract and lease disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, and corporate and partnership litigation matters. We are dedicated to resolving disputes as effectively and efficiently as possible, whether through alternative dispute resolution or litigation.

Business Litigation and Disputes

Business litigation and disputes can arise in a variety of situations involving businesses, individuals, or both. Sometimes, business litigation arises because of disputes over intellectual property in cases of copyright, trademark or patent infringement. Other times, insurance companies deny or undervalue a policyholder's valid claim. Business litigation can also involve torts such as misrepresentation, fraud, conversion, intentional interference with contracts, or securities and antitrust violations.

Business litigation and disputes are often complex and not only involve many different areas of law, but also require intricate financial knowledge and experience. Richard A. Schurr's extensive background in finance (analyzing accounting records, financial statements, leases and tax returns) brings to each client superior experience, insights, and legal solutions.

Contract Disputes, Lease Disputes, Landlord-Tenant

Contract disputes can arise when one party breaches the contract and fails to do something they promised to do, or when the terms of the contract are ambiguous. Whether you need to protect your legal rights under a contract or defend against a lawsuit, we can help. We will evaluate the facts of your particular case and advise you of your legal options, whether it is resolving the matter through alternative dispute resolution or in court.

The law firm of Richard A. Schurr, P.A. also represents landlords and tenants in all types of disputes arising from issues such as eviction proceedings, assignments and sublets, nuisance claims, wrongful or constructive evictions, and claims for security deposits.

Corporate and Partnership Litigation and Disputes

Corporate and partnership disputes may arise when a partner, officer, director or shareholder violates a breach of fiduciary duty within a corporation. The law firm of Richard A. Schurr, P.A. represents shareholders, managers, and officers in claims involving fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and conflict of interest issues. Richard A. Schurr P.A. also provides legal representation for businesses in all aspects of the corporate formation process. We work tirelessly to protect our clients' business interests, whether through alternative dispute resolution or litigation.

If you require legal assistance regarding business litigation or dispute, contract disputes, lease and landlord-tenant issues, or corporation and partnership disputes, it is important to have an attorney with the experience and knowledge to advocate for your interests. The attorneys at Richard A. Schurr, P.A. have years of experience successfully representing individuals, businesses and corporations all over Florida. We have the extensive business, financial and legal expertise necessary to provide clients with the utmost in quality, professional and cost-effective legal services.

To schedule a free consultation with experienced Miami business litigation, contract dispute and landlord-tenant dispute attorneys, please call Richard A. Schurr, P.A. at (305) 204-4924 or fill out and submit our online Contact Us form.

Client Reviews
Rick is very knowledgeable and helpful in understanding the needs of my family. He sorted through all financial, business and psychological issues relating to my divorce. I highly recommend Richard Schurr to anyone seeking legal help with a divorce and/or business matters.
My divorce was a surprise and devastating. Rick helped me navigate my way through the process. He negotiated an outstanding settlement and protected my future and the future of my children. He kept me calm and focused. Robin
Thanks to Rick, my children and I are going to be okay. And as Rick has repeatedly assured me, someday we are going to be better than okay. If you want a smart, fair, empathetic advocate in your corner then Rick is your man. Nicole
I can testify that Mr. Schurr is one of the Best Representation I ever had. I strongly believe if someone is looking for a Top Professional and serious representation, shall look no further. Mr. Schurr is the right choice. I am very happy with the representation and I will highly recommend the assistance of Mr. Schurr, for any Legal matter, you will never be disappointed. Giancarlo
Hired Richard in December for my employment case, and I received the settlement I deserved in January. He is an amazing lawyer, extremely smart and clever and always looking out for my best interest, throughout my entire case. Recommend him 100%! Thank You Richard!!! Joanne