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Client Reviews

I was two years into my divorce when I thankfully met Rick. After so much time and money lost to the wrong divorce attorney, Rick stepped in and expeditiously brought the most horrible experience of my life to an end. Rick is very knowledgeable and helpful in understanding the needs of my family. He sorted through all financial, business and psychological issues relating to my divorce. I highly recommend Richard Schurr to anyone seeking legal help with a divorce and/or business matters. Lisette

I retained Richard to negotiate and draft a Purchase and Sale Agreement. Richard was not only always available when I needed them, but he is very knowledgeable, helpful and pay great attention to detail. I was extremely satisfied with the result of the Purchase and Sale Agreement. I would recommend Richard A. Schurr, P.A. to anyone looking for an attorney for business related matters. Daniel Hitchcock

Mr. Schurr was recommended by a friend four years ago. I have used his services several times with excellent results. It’s a pleasure to call his office, staff is very professional. He’s very knowledgeable. Purita

Rick helped us with our elderly father's divorce and facilitated the process with professionalism and courtesy. This was over eight years ago and our family still holds him and Diana with high regards, even after our dad passing in 2015. Very grateful to the firm. Maricarmen Bandin

While my title might seem a little dramatic, it does not even begin to explain the support Rick provided to me these past few months. After a year filled with unexpected losses of loved ones my ex-husband blindsided me and told me he wanted a divorce (and how he went about it wasn't pretty). I was not in an emotional state to advocate for myself, nor do I have enough financial knowledge, compared to my ex, to truly protect myself and my children. Rick stepped in and took care of everything. He had my back every step of the way. He has creative ways of looking at things, he is a master negotiator, and he has an amazing sense of humor that can diffuse even the most serious of situations. I'm still not sure my ex-husband & his lawyer know what hit them. Thanks to Rick, my children and I are going to be okay. And as Rick has repeatedly assured me, someday we are going to be better than okay. If you want a smart, fair, empathetic advocate in your corner then Rick is your man. Nicole

Hired Richard in December for my employment case, and I received the settlement I deserved in January. He is an amazing lawyer, extremely smart and clever and always looking out for my best interest, throughout my entire case. Recommend him 100%! Thank You Richard!!! Giancarlo 

My divorce was a surprise and devastating. Rick helped me navigate my way through the process. He negotiated an outstanding settlement and protected my future and the future of my children. He kept me calm and focused. Robin 

My divorce was very difficult due to the fact that my ex husband is a attorney. 

Mr Schurr was hired to take over the attorney position in a litigation where the defendant was another attorney and was represented my an unscrupulous and unethical attorney where the strategy was to obfuscate and confuse matters to the objective of simply hearing us down in a case where it was so simply weighted in our favor that it was the only way they could try to prevail. it pretty much worked with the previous attorney who simply became tired of the ongoing and never ending confusion and costs. the matter involved suit over this defendants obligation to turn over clear title of a car at a specific date and failed to do so. Rick cut through all the confusion and brought the matter to settlement within a nine month period of time at reasonable costs which were mostly recovered. I was pleased with his approach,communication , costs and outcome and would use him for any matters in the future where the services of a competent attorney are required. I can only highly recommend Mr Schurr He is an excellent lawyer. T. Barut 

Rick did an incredible job throughout the whole divorce process. I had seen various attorneys previously and my experience was that he was by far the smartest, most competent, and fastest. To give you a point of comparison, my ex-wife went through three different attorneys, each one looking good on paper and ultimately being a disaster (which played in my favor).

Rick is very talented, and understands the needs of his clients. He was always very professional and provided excellent and consistent feedback and advice. I was confronted with a challenging divorce, with my ex-wife that did not work for the past 12 years, and significant assets and properties in the US and abroad. All sorts of unexpected issues arose during my case (sudden request from my ex-wife to relocate with the children, changes in her position and requests, new lawyers appointed, etc) and throughout it all Rick provided excellent guidance.

Rick was great as well at providing reassurance in the moments of tension and doubt, and also ensuring that we kept a hard position when needed. His extensive financial background with knowledge of taxes/finances/alimony/child support guidelines allowed him to calculate in a few minutes what the CPA or other attorneys took extensive time on their computers to do! This clearly played in our favor during our negotiations.

Rick was also very strong in convincing the opposing party to abandon any of their non-realistic claims, and to take the conversation back to our position. Rick is an extremely strong negotiator, and I saw how he was far superior to the other attorneys in mediation and throughout the whole divorce process.

He understood my desire to limit costs and find a settlement, while ensuring the outcome was favorable to me. I am very pleased with the overall result and agreement reached, and furthermore saved a tremendous amount by avoiding having to go to court.

I would therefore highly recommend Richard Schurr to anyone seeking top tier legal counsel. Nathan 

I would like to thank Rick and his staff for his representation during my divorce. From the beginning, Rick was very reassuring and understanding to the needs of myself and my son. Having not experienced anything like this personally, I wasn’t aware of the process. Rick took the time to explain everything to me.

Rick is a very talented, compassionate, and professional attorney. Any issues that arose during my case including custody concerns, Rick was there to answer and reassure me that everything would be fine. When I had questions or concerns, he was very prompt in returning my phone calls or emails.

I am pleased with the outcome of how my divorce was handled in such a professional manner and I highly recommend Mr. Richard Schurr for his professional legal counsel. Jennifer 

Mr. Schurr has handled many legal aspects for me over the past 10 years. He was an excellent mediator for my divorce, as well has handling estate planning, wills, trusts, and tax matters. The turnaround time for all my requests has been exceptional. The office staff is also extremely helpful and timely in responding to questions as well. He is also quick to refer me to other reliable and capable professionals when in need. I go to Mr. Schurr for all legal matters knowing I am in safe and smart hands. Anonymous

Mr. Schurr is an exceptionally gifted negotiator. My case involved a contract that required the interpretation and implementation of complicated tax laws. Mr. Schurr successfully negotiated on my behalf and the case was resolved in a very reasonable time frame with a favorable outcome. He applied his skills as an experienced mediator and his knowledge of taxes/finance and I am certain that no other attorney could have resolved such a complicated case in this manner. 

The process of litigation is stressful, but Rick and his staff were helpful, considerate and kept me abreast of every step in the process. They took steps to help the case progress through the legal system in a timely manner which prevented it from "dragging on" as many cases do.  Rick is a competent, hard working, intelligent attorney but the quality that I observed and appreciated most was his high ethical standards. Your best interest takes precedence above all. 

I recommend him to anyone seeking a top tier attorney. Grant

I hired Mr. Schurr after years of frustration in dealing with the legal system and child support issues. I was very apprehensive in turning my personal matters over to the hands of an attorney, but he was highly recommended to me, and I was getting nowhere on my own. I have nothing but positive things to say about my whole experience with Mr. Schurr, his team, and his office staff. I was overwhelmed with his knowledge of the law, his compassionate mannerism and ability to get matters resolved quickly and efficiently. I was constantly kept up to date and was always answered with a timely response whenever I had a question regarding my case. Family law involves a great deal of emotion and turmoil, however Mr. Schurr is an excellent legal representative who understands and respects these issues. Jill

I hired Mr Schurr after a year of unsuccessful, costly negotiation while represented by another attorney. By the time I found Mr Schurr, I was exasperated and untrusting of the legal process all together. Mr Schurr was unflappable in the face of opposing counsel's antics. He was reliable, professional and confident which was a great relief to me. He managed to turn what had become a circus back into a legal process which is now finally over. He does a great job anticipating outcomes and managing the obstacles to a speedy resolve. His experience in finance proved to be invaluable in my case. His office staff is responsive and was usually one step ahead of me. My only regret is that I didn't find him from the beginning. Fantastic attorney! Michelle

The law firm of Mr. Schurr did an amazing job with my divorce .. Thank you and your amazing associates .. Mr. Schurr has my stamp of approval Isabel 

I find myself extremely proud to be recommending Rick Schurr. I have been a client of his for 5 years. I can only say that he is one of the most brilliant attorneys I have come across. He quickly establishes a good rapport with his clients and is meticulous about his representation. Most everyone knows of his intellectual ability, lofty ideals, and commitment to success. Katherine

Rick represented me in a difficult, contentious property case. My case was particularly complicated because it involved division of property both within and outside of the state of Florida and joint assets. I firmly believe there is no other attorney who could have represented me and achieved such successful results. Rick was truly my advocate; he provided advice throughout the entire process that proved to be sound, practical counsel. Rick is highly intelligent, thorough, and ethical. He has a keen analytical mind and a winning personality. He possesses the very best of qualities that you could want in someone who represents you. Rene 

I cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Schurr. I had a complex divorce/tax case and Mr. Schurr was able to keep my mind at ease throughout the process. He is strategic, relentless, highly knowledgeable, confident and his attention to detail is superb . It is evident that attorney Schurr takes his practice and clients very seriously. He had a genuine concern for myself and my children and was always able to take away my fear of the unknown.

He has a lot of insight and an amazing ability to think out side of the box to help you achieve the best possible outcome. Mr. Schurr has restored my faith in attorneys. He has helped give me and my 3 young children a second chance in life.  I am also pleased to say that Mr. Schurr is the only attorney my ex-husband is truly afraid of!! If you hire any other attorney, you are making a mistake! Kerry 

Mr. Schurr is a fine attorney and a capable mediator. In my last case in which Mr. Schurr was the mediator, Mr. Schurr successfully brought the parties together in what was otherwise a very contentious and hotly contested case. His professionalism and low key approach were quite effective. Max 

After going through a very dificult and long divorce, I can honestly say that Rick Schurr was there to answer any question and calm me down through every step of this stressful time. His suggestions and experience made this time less stressful.  I was very happy at the end! Ana

Mr. Schurr is not only well versed and well connected in dealing with all tax related matters but is also able to provide counsel in a variety of other financial, business and family issues. I have retained his services in all mentioned matters to great success. I would highly recommend him. Bonnie 

Mr. Schurr is a very good attorney, who has assisted me with some complex legal and business related issues. I would engage his services again in the future. I believe his common sense approach to complex situations is invaluable. Astrd-id 

I have found this lawyer to be excellent in handling my legal matters. He was very easily assessable at all times and kept me up to date on all matters. He was very knowledgable and researched current changes in the laws required. He remained professional at all times and worked diligently while representing my case. His staff were also very professional, pleasant and efficient. I highly recommend Richard Schurr. Andy 

Mr.Schurr represented me in a complicated (divorce w/business) contract. As a business person I've had to deal with many legal professionals. After interviewing several attorney's I found him to be the most competent and qualified person to handle my case. He was on top of every detail,communicated well, and was personable. These were characteristics that made a very stressful situation manageable. I credit Mr. Schurr with having obtained an excellent outcome for me. He has a combination of expertise in family law, contracts, and finance that put him well ahead of all other attorney's. His broad knowledge is what really separated him from the others. I would recommend Rick highly to anyone who wants the security of having an intelligent, capable, attorney on their side when they need it most. Cristina-Marie

Richard Schurr is a highly intelligent and professional attorney. He has a keen legal mind and a very strong background in family and financial law. He is extremely ethical and thorough. He leaves no stone unturned.

Richard helped me win my case against my former husband who breached the Marital Settlement Agreement we signed 3-1/2 years ago.

Further, Rick is a pleasure to work with. He is very personable and has a great sense of humor! I would highly recommend him! Lynn 

His knowledge of the law, tenacity and confidence helped me successfully resolve partnership and operating issues associated with an LLC. Rick has also reviewed several retail leases for me. He is honest, hardworking and fair. I have a strong sense of security knowing he is in my corner. Anonymous 

Mr. Schurr and his staff were extremely responsive and answered all questions, phone calls and emails in a timely manner. I could not have asked for anything more professional and courteous during this difficult situation. I received accolades from the judge on how well prepared all of documents were at my final hearing. Lee 

My Dear Friends.....if anyone is ever in need of a Great Attorney focus in family law, business law, civil litigation and estate planning, I truly recommend Rick Schurr. He is an attorney that you want on your side and not as an opposition....He is brilliant in Law....He is my Attorney!! He has Great Team in his Office. Rene

Hired Richard in December for my employment case, and I received the settlement I deserved in January. He is an amazing lawyer, extremely smart and clever and always looking out for my best interest, throughout my entire case. Recommend him 100%! Thank You Richard!!! Joanne

After some experience with Attorneys . . . I strongly believe if someone is looking for a Top Professional and serious representation, shall look no further. Mr. Schurr is the right choice. I am very happy with the representation and I will highly recommend the assistance of Mr. Schurr, for any Legal matter, you will never be disappointed. Giancarlo

It is with great enthusiasm that I highly recommend Richard Schurr. He has been my attorney for the last six years. He is professional, genuine, and possesses a keen intellect. Mr. Schurr has distinguished himself as an exemplary lawyer. I have the greatest admiration for his work and thank him for his endless support. Katherine A.

Richard Schurr’s expert advice during my divorce proceedings was the stability I needed during a tumultuous time in my life. Suzanne A.

Mr. Schurr was very easily accessible at all times and kept me up to date on all matters. He was very knowledgeable and researched current changes in the laws. He remained professional at all times and worked diligently while representing my case. His staff were also very professional, pleasant and efficient. Andy

Mr. Schurr represented me in my recent divorce. No divorce is fun, and mine was personally traumatic. With that being said, Mr. Schurr guided me with great experience and knowledge that was second to none. He was patient with me as a client during the emotional decision making process, professionally hand held me and guided me to keep me on track to what was in my best interest. Now that is it over, I can honestly say I've never been happier. I would highly recommend him to represent any family member or friend of mine going through a divorce. Jennifer G.

Richard Schurr and his professional staff have consistently provided me with timely, pertinent advice and service throughout my 10+ years of working with his firm. His mediation style made my divorce quick and effective, reducing emotional strain and financial stress for all. I have always sought out Mr. Schurr’s services and sound recommendations for the overall management and protection of assets for myself and family. Mr. Schurr and his staff have given me support and security for my family and future that I consider priceless. Anna G.