Richard A. Schurr, P.A. provides exceptional representation to clients in divorce matters, child support matters, time-sharing (child custody) matters, alimony matters, enforcement of Marital Settlement Agreements, enforcement of time sharing orders, relocation, business litigation, and business transactions by helping our clients to resolve problems quickly, either through aggressively pursuing the matter, or seeking an immediate mediated, or negotiated resolution. This type of strategy avoids the cost, time, and stress inherent in protracted litigation.

Most people want to avoid a long and drawn out legal dispute. However, often it is the other side of the case that seeks to punish someone by attempting to drag them through costly and embarrassing court filings, depositions, and hearings until they feel that they have gotten even for some perceived wrong. We will aggressively assert your rights at depositions and hearings and seek to protect you from harassment and bad faith litigation tactics asserted by other litigants, while seeking to resolve your case as quickly as possible, and protecting your privacy.

We are available to represent you prior to filing for divorce, or prior to filing other litigation matters, by providing you with proper pre-divorce and pre-lawsuit planning and detailed information and analysis about the law and your rights. We will prepare and file all of the necessary documents when you are ready to proceed and we will represent you all the way through the process and even after the final judgment, if enforcement action is necessary. We will prepare you in advance for hearings and depositions by explaining the processes and procedures until you feel comfortable. We will assist you in responding to interrogatories, written deposition questions, and document production requests, and we will represent you at mediation, and/or arbitration. We will assist you in selecting a forensic accountant if one is necessary, and we will assist you with selecting psychologists, guardians-ad-litem, and parenting coordinators, if necessary. We will work with your own professionals whenever possible and we will use our best efforts to keep confidential information out of the hands of the other side. We will represent you through trial and/or we will assist you in preparing a settlement agreement that covers all aspects of your case, should a settlement be in your best interests. We will assist you with obtaining temporary alimony, temporary child support, and temporary attorneys’ fees during the course of the litigation.

No two cases are the same and every case requires a specific and detailed analysis to determine what is in the client’s best interest based on the client’s particular rights and circumstances. We will help you to identify objectives and strategies and we will professionally implement those strategies in order to get you where you want to be as quickly as possible. We keep in constant communication with our clients and ensure that there are no surprises.

By identifying unconventional strategies and by applying his background in business, financial planning, and forensic accounting, Richard A. Schurr frequently achieves successful results for his clients. Please contact our office to arrange a consultation to discuss your matter.